The Proven Entrepreneurs Act

Entrepreneurs all over the world act in different ways from every other person. And this makes them to think beyond average and live beyond average. It is the way they act that set them apart from others who are not entrepreneurs in their chosen line of business and endeavour. Their entrepreneurial adventure sets the pace for them to follow.

Entrepreneur plans what to do with the next money that comes his way even before the money gets into hand. Key to every successful entrepreneur is financial planning. Entrepreneur does spend money unnecessarily or recklessly on items that are not needed, they act fast to invest the next money that may come their way. Always having in mind “the Return on Investment (ROI)” on every penny.

They analyse situations and scenarios so as to find investment opportunities from such situations. And where the investment opportunity or business idea is found, they act fast before other people begin to see what they have seen. They waste no time in investing. Although, they do not rush into investing. Before they invest, they must have taken their time to analyse and set various model to ascertain the outcome of their investments haven considered likely changes in the different variables within the model.

Show me a proven entrepreneur and I will show you a resourceful person. Entrepreneurs have the ability of overcome complex business challenges and difficult situations by redefining possibilities and ways of getting things done efficiently by optimising the resources at their disposal. They are open minded and can see new possibilities where others don’t see which is the strength of their “CAN-DO-SPIRIT”

Since it takes innovation to get outstanding success in business, proven entrepreneurs creatively blend their product and services with innovation to give them edge over others in their line of business. This is done either by improving on existing products and services or bringing something entirely new to the market. Consumers all over the world embrace innovation as they easily get tired of same product and/or service all the time. They prefer for new products and services with better result so as to get value for their money.

Entrepreneurs are risk takers and like taking up new challenges and opportunities. They believe “nothing ventured into, nothing gained”. They see life’s existence itself as a risk. As such they put some things at stake to take positive and calculated risk which sometimes make them to break new grounds and landslide achievements. Once you start taking positive risk in life, you become more creative and eventually begin to think beyond the average as well as live beyond average as you would always have a picture of the outcome of the business or career you want to venture into. And because you wouldn’t want to fail, you will then do everything it takes to actualise and bring the picture of your mind into reality.

One of the strong virtues entrepreneurs have is “staying positive” towards achieving set goals. The outcome of a project is most times determined from the mind irrespective of the resources available. Sometimes, when people are faced with little challenges along the way in pursuit of set goals, they give up and give in to negative thoughts. But entrepreneurs see challenges as source of strength and energy. Their positive mind towards achieving set goal is the driving force that keeps them going until they achieve the positive outcome. They stay positive, think positive, see positive, act positive and remain positive in pursuit of set goals.

In-line with positive mind, is the urge to succeed. Entrepreneurs do not rest until they succeed. The urge to succeed in business and the will to win business challenges set them apart. Most businesses fail because such business owners want success and good business results but there is no urge to succeed and no energy to fight and conquer business challenges. Business thrives on the will and the desire of its owner to win. To go far in business life, you should have it at the back of your mind that the road to success will not be rosy but there will surely be a brighter light at the end of the tunnel. As there will always be turbulent situations in business cycle, therefore, it is the urge to succeed driven by the will and determination to get out of the turbulent situations that will make the business to see the light at the tunnel end thereby leading to the business sustained success.

When goals are not SMART they may not be achievable as there are no clear pictures of the things to do in order to achieve the goal. SMART is a popular acronym which means S-Specific, M-Measurable, A-Achievable, R-Realistic, T-Time bound. Goals set be entrepreneur are clearly defined to enable their attainment at a particular point in time

Entrepreneurs are people full of energy. They channelled their energy towards their business success, they do not relax until business set goals and objectives are achieved. Their mind, thought and idea is full of life and energy. This helps them to make good business decision.

No one is born an entrepreneur rather entrepreneurs are made as they are products of positive mind-sets towards achieving business success. Proven entrepreneurs are able to sustain business’ success through passion, determination, focus and the will to make positive change in their chosen line of business. To be an entrepreneur, one should be ready to make lots of sacrifices because it is not always a smooth journey. But with the right mind-set driven by courage and strong will-power to make it in business one should be able to get to the entrepreneurial status.

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